How to try and then try harder and then push and then push again, until it breaks, screams and annoys, in The Lovebirds.

So this is going to sound a little weird. Get this. The film has humor that organically emerges up situationally but the plot points on the other hand casts quite a leap of faith on your impression towards the way it develops. Wrap your head around that theory or watch Michael Showalter’s The Lovebirds breezily pass by your eyes with the advantage of its short runtime, charming protagonist and a classic race-against-not-practically-time-but-time bits. Unfortunately, the leap of faith part of the film that I talk about, is the one that is poorly shot as well. A lot could have been twitched, from lighting to production, from staging to photography, and the pronounced inedible stuff would have tamed to be more subtle.

Posted by:Arth

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