How to or maybe why to suffer for a good cause, in Diary Of A Country Priest.

Before I start, let me confess that this is not a film that I can fully comprehend. There are notions, statements and scenes where the makers are saying something out loud, but I am too dumb or deaf to understand it. The writer and director Robert Bresson’s Diary Of A Country Priest reminds me a lot of Paul Schrador’s First Reformed. Though, the difference between those two, is that the latter one suggests an outer source helping our protagonist, suffering, struggling in coping up with the current unnecessary results emerging in the form of destruction. While this one tends to go for a tragedy, linking its nature with its origin, its faith that it bases its lawns and ideologies upon. What both of them have got in common is a sensational performance from its lead especially in all the long take close up shots.

Posted by:Arth

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