How to roar, loud and clear, with simple motivation and simpler solution, in Singham.

What a joy to watch to insanely sensible actors, characters go head to head on screen just to impress you. And if I had one word to describe Rohit Shetty’s Singham, it is that. Impressive. Frame by frame, Rohit brings his A game just to draw that half grin on your face. Hoping that if you’re not laughing, if you’re not amped up, if you’re not entertained, you better be at least impressed with the daring of this film. While simplicity is what drives Singham, Singham Returns lacks that very basic need of any emotion. It is complex, has more characters and doesn’t organically move forward as its predecessor does. Rohit is fascinated by the “unity” aspect of the world he explores. And that consistency with forceful violence, boldly drummed up-beating background score and Ajay’s clear performance draws its audience, lickety-split.

Posted by:Arth

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