How to abuse the freedom that you just got in the absence of your sitter, in It’s Entertainment.

Why? And why not? I know it’s not “To be or not to be” but still it fits perfectly in the writer and director duo Farhad and Sajid’s debut film It’s Entertainment. Though I see eye to eye to their sense of humor, I find this one stretched to abuse, if I may. Though there is a lot to adore. And as always, beside the premise, plot and characters, what I am fascinated over is their dialogue. The way they write. The formation of each sentence, paragraphs, weaving it into a rhythmic nonsensical pop-culture referential grammar that charms you with the appropriate sugar coating by the over-the-top performance by a brilliant cast. The rest of it is barely bearable. That’s not good. That’s never good.

Posted by:Arth

you've got a bag of change and here are my thoughts..

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