How to cheat, but not to actually cheat, by confessing the crime and lawyering up for honesty, in Bol Bachchan.

It is good to upgrade to what you predecessor has or had. Or is it?. It is good to even impersonate every beat of that drama. Better to even address that they are drawing their inspiration from a published content. But why in the name of God, would you make it big. This is the trouble with Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan. It aims for big, larger than life, themes but never is able to justify the content picked up by the writers. It looks like a big hotchpotch which is overcooked in some parts and undercooked in others. The performance remains the highlight. Especially Ajay’s simpleton personality echoing its voice throughout the film that makes Abhishek’s flexible body shake. Beyond that, lies empty jokes.

Posted by:Arth

you've got a bag of change and here are my thoughts..

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