How to be yourself and introduce your new self and be yourself, in Jerry Seinfield: 23 Hours To Kill.

The writer and director Jerry Seinfield’s 23 Hours To Kill is a welcome back with a warm hug and a pat on your back. I am going to be honest, though I find Jerry funny, I have never been impressed with his stand-up. But I feel that this special of his, brings out a sonic voice from his side that doesn’t simply focus on the day to day livelihood of a common man. Though there is a lot of it, in it. In fact, the entire second half is that. And why not? Why shouldn’t it be there? Jerry’s obsession of judging, mocking people on their behavior, reaction towards little things, and shredding down that aspect of humanity, society brutally until you start laughing at the hilarious absurdity of that situation. What I find present between these things, in this special, is his approach to basic human emotions behind these scenarios. This is why I love Louis CK and found this special of Jerry’s to be one of my favourites.

Posted by:Arth

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