How to be a good boy, girl, friend, storyteller, in Dev D.

I would put a case forward for the writer and director, Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D being his finest work till date. Prominently as a director than a writer. This musical saga is profoundly sensible and magical in its touch towards the practical approach through a genre mixing. And one would presume that the genre mixing would be blah-blah-blah genre with a hint of Kashyap-ness in it. But what we get at the end is an effective, original Kashyap roaming outside his territory. Kashyap keeps the consistency of music as a medium to express the thoughts and characteristics of the characters throughout the film, even in its latter stages where usually what was begun has been forgotten by then, by the makers. This is something that Imtiaz does brilliantly.


Posted by:Arth

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