How to be so large and still rely upon such minute details, in Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ.

The director Fred Niblo’s Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ is an odd tale. I mean, it’s a known tale, a great tale. But it felt somehow different to me. And I couldn’t particularly point my finger at it. And then it hit me. This heavy narrative based film- don’t get me wrong, it has some really spectacular scenes in it, in fact if considering the type of cinema that used to come out in those days, it was quite the spectacle- in contrast to the cinema that we are familiar with, has a catalyst protagonist. Now, for those who have read Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat or John Truby’s Anatomy Of A Story or any book based on screenwriting, it is surprising to see the external goal of the protagonist be the only goal of the film. Now, usually an internal goal is required, but since he is a catalyst, what you feel odd while going through it, is that he doesn’t necessarily change his surroundings. And this is where the magic comes in, this is where your faith is restored, it still works.

Posted by:Arth

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