How to be aware of the expectations that you are impending, in Arjun The Warrior Prince.

The director Arnab Chaudhari’s Arjun: The Warrior Prince should be a manual on how to update an already known story with a fresh, moving, effective perspective that creates a lasting impression on its viewers. Apart from its crucial secret that it hides, focusing on a very specific section of Mahabharata, it also takes its time in each sequence to carry out the best version of the fables that we have grown up hearing. One of my favourites is the sequence where Arjun wins Draupadi in a contest. He wins because he sees things differently, not particularly an easy way out but surely has a confident walk in this forte. What is suggested in the film is that he sees things differently, not necessarily something that turns out to be an easy way out, but surely is a solution, that only he could have pulled out.

Posted by:Arth

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