How to be loyal to your characters and even ask them to be so, in About A Boy.

The director Chris and Paul Weitz’s About A Boy is a pretty standard flick that drools over fanboy moments created by its own script. But I feel though being a slave to its script, there was no chance for the film to sail so smoothly as it does, if not for the quirky yet charming Hugh Grant breathing life into his audience whenever the film drums the expected beats. The film is smart enough to keep a simple, easy, not-so-much of a conflict, to get the solution easy as well. Not for a moment does Hugh Grant actually is pushed to the darker side. The so called shades are provocative and not actually ever heinous enough to distance you away from him. It is still a love story and still a family drama filtered twice, just in case, to reach a wider audience.

Posted by:Arth

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