How to be ballistically loud and echo a deeper meaning, in Hulchul.

The writer and director Priyadarshan’s Hulchul is a tour de force of a multi-starrer cast striking their horns against each other showcasing a wide range of performance with witty sharp dialogues and slapstick humor. But mind you, these are only embedded as  an afterthought, as part of a decoration rather than being the main engine. What is at the core is real, simple drama created after the friction between the two generations is discovered. The film, from the beginning, draws our attention to these characters that are suffering from anger management issues, and through that the over-the-top, judgemental speech is extracted that naturally deploys laughter among its viewers. And this is not the only reason why they are always angry and disrespectful towards others’ privacy.  This also forms a two party in opposition, multiple times in the film, where only the sides, the teams are juggled and shuffled, to truly stick by to the consistency of screaming your heart to your loved ones.

Posted by:Arth

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