How to use visual effects to tell a story, rather than the other way around, in Color Out Of Space.

What I love the most about the director Richard Stanley’s Color Out Of Space is the way it expresses the wonder of the horror genre. Something, that I feel, could only be achieved if he himself shares, believes into this unflinching premise of negligence and ignorance. But how he sees the horror of this nature is surprisingly quite beautiful. The film is visually so attractive, provocative. Don’t get me wrong, the film unabashedly paints gore and scream-inducing images, but even those images are framed as a curiosity. Curiosity that is planted in us, at the beginning of the film. To know and to be aware of what is the condensity of the flavour that you are tasting. And when it shows us or more like shocks us, you are not repelled but satisfied with the product.

Posted by:Arth

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