How to immerse yourself too much in the swishes and whooshes of swords, in Blade Of The Immortal.

The director Takashi Miike’s Blade Of The Immortal stages action as an excuse to draw its audience. Now I can take this action genre film like a musical and can embrace it with open arms. And I also understand its urge to direct me towards the mind numbing sword fighting everytime it feels that it might lose its audience. But since the storyline doesn’t move forward and comes to a halt when it showcases brutally graphic visuals, these well choreographed action set pieces, no matter if it has its own mythological tale to whisper, comes off meaningless and even childish. Addition to that, the law of physics that it displays may be malleable but it makes very less sense to know what the order or the food chain of this new jungle is.


Posted by:Arth

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