How to care and be overprotective and gush over your protagonist, in Agent Vinod.

The writer and director Sriram Raghavan’s Agent Vinod is an ambitious project; ironically more for me than the maker himself. And he does try very hard in each scene, hoping that if he pushes boundaries in filmmaking, script and hopefully bet his money on a good cast, he will get the results right. Which leads us to a good, packed screenplay full of whistle-blowing one-liners and scenarios that earns a half grin from its audience every now and then. We can practically see Raghavan sweating in order to make sure that this journey remains engaging for us. And mind you, I am not complaining about the plot holes, that is something that can easily be swallowed when the film is so confident in its slick nature. As an overall theme, the nomenclature somewhere gets lost, though it might be deployed time and time, what’s left in our hand is a disappointing and not an informative headline. 

Posted by:Arth

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