How to change the course of what should be evaluated by simply revisioning it, in Super 30.

The director Vikas Bahl’s Super 30 reminds me of those early Hrithik Roshan flicks that tend to swoop up every emotion, element and tactics of a hit film to fulfil its purpose. While the film is a pretty standard look on biography of Anand Kumar. Personally, it worked for me as a juicy drama that had the essence of Prakash Jha’s speech. But enough of other things or people, let’s just talk about Hrithik. Hrithik Roshan’s unflinching optimism melts me every time he comes on screen. I can easily point out ten moments where I cried like a baby and I bet everyone of them had him at the center of the frame. What I feel bad about when it comes to a good Hrithik Roshan film is that it often tends to be a slave of the typical “Bollywood” formula. There is nothing wrong with it, especially if the film embraces it with such pride. But then Hrithik always persists that he deserves to be in some other environment.

Posted by:Arth

you've got a bag of change and here are my thoughts..

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