How to use comedy in an if-then form of sentencing in Vir Das’s fabulous three specials.

If I start, why just start my article but consistently use this form of sentence as Vir Das does to express my feelings towards his project, then hopefully you’d be interested if not amused, in this article, similar to his specials. If Vir Das is to be considered a political comedian then make no doubt, his humor doesn’t solely depend on the satirical language that he whips his targeted audience with and instead goes for a more universal approach, which is just simple wordplay and connecting the dots with witty bookends. If I can understand and enjoy the political jokes then anyone can, simple as that. If I’d have to assume his form of process then it’d definitely be that he is more invested and confident, as he should be by all means, in his written form of material than improvisational. If there was any fat in his specials, for me, then it’d be the proper use of stage and opportunity to send a message, which is kind of fat that we could take.

Posted by:Arth

you've got a bag of change and here are my thoughts..

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