How to make you feel you earn a loss without ever giving away the big finale.

I think the course taught to us in the director Tony Kaye’s Detachment is to practice detaching yourself from the audience that you never connect with in the first place. Now, I am going to mock it in this same manner. So let’s dive in deep. I think there is definitely a pulsating art residing between the camera, us, and the characters. Since this is often framed as a first person point of view, the film still manages to keep a safe physical distance from you to ever buy into the rhythm or morality of these not-particularly-nay-sayers-but-also-not-half-glass-full personas. The film works so artfully with an aimless agenda to rattle and challenge your thoughts that it all sounded made up to me. That’s not how I was supposed to feel, was I?

Posted by:Arth

you've got a bag of change and here are my thoughts..

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