How to tease and mock and provoke the audience with no wit in Birds Of Prey.

How many times can I roll my eyes in a film where the protagonist is enjoying life, the film, since she can break the fourth wall, more than the audience? It hurts my head, that many times. What are they trying to insinuate? What are they trying to achieve in the name of a journey where the lead character, Harley Quinn played just-too-much (it is like she acted for some entire trilogy in just these two hours) by Margot Robbie has any sense of danger or does ever get into trouble. And by trouble, I mean properly cornered and not just fuss over an egg sandwich. You know what, even that is something that could be taken easily with open arms. But then the sense of a deep long lost material possession or a human or any living or non-living form connection ought to be sorted in some manner to communicate the loss or the gain of anything. Lots of why(s) and very few that’s why(s). Plus it isn’t introduced as a curious element or a crucial aspect of the theme but as a joke which isn’t funny. And for the big finale they went for one hell of a splash of colors and gimmicks and props and all the cartoonish or comical elements they could summon. The kinetic action in the end is bonkers, too bonkers, in fact, to not get into its rhythm and enjoy the one good thing in it.

Posted by:Arth

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