The writer and director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Kabir Singh, an adaptation of his own film Arjun Reddy, is a powerful iteration on the machismo of the current generation. And it is powerful, for the storytelling is properly crafted. You see, when it comes to display how destructive the character and the world it focuses on is, there is no debate on how clear Sandeep’s vision is. He repeatedly makes sure that he isn’t playing close to the border, but is just wandering in a gray area wearing a loose lousy t-shirt with goggles, wet hair and a Royal Enfield bike that oozes dominance through electric guitar plugged in, in the background. Apart from romanticizing every single element of the film for three hours, Sandeep gets his point across through contrasting the ideologies with the opposite argument, contradicting the protagonist’s ideologies and of course, through Shahid Kapoor’s performance that yells out the motivation loud and clear. It is such a gravitating performance from Shahid that by the end I was afraid of his temper and his iconic scene of puffing two cigarettes felt seamlessly earned.

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