Will Smith has reportedly, voluntarily and hungrily tried to reboot so many of his projects, just like every other banner or actor tries to, nowadays. What’s fascinating is that he is also the most successful one.

Adil and Billal, the directors, over explains action set pieces in this third part of an action franchise. I am using the word “action” these many times because you cannot define a franchise started by Michael Bay without this word. And that theme is consistent throughout the film. In fact, throughout the franchise. The chapters are more than we asked for, the runtime takes more to bid us goodbye and so is the banter between the lead characters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good. But it’s tricky too. The thing with it is that these duo keeps throwing multiple jokes at you (if we can call it that) and barely few of them stick on the wall. So what you are left with is an attempt. They are effortful. I mean you can see them sweating on screen half of the time. It is more than you get in this era where franchises are printed like newspapers. So what does it get right? The bad guy? Nah. New concept? Nah. It has what usual action film loses its grip on. And that is its second half. It has surprisingly an engaging final hour. Brutally solid and confident action sequences that though may not actually add anything in context to the storyline or theme but surely keeps the screen busy and flourish with plenty of colors and effects. The viewers won’t leave their eyes off of the screen and that is what a good 90s entertaining action flick should deliver. And this was my favourite part. That it is so 90s. I like that time travelling part

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