Patel’s outlook towards life and death is simple and raw. I like both aspects of it.

Mihir Patel, the writer and director, is probably at his best stage in this project. Ironically, that is not what his film is about. It deals with exactly the opposite of what he oozes on screen or more appropriately behind the screen. His film deals with grief, loss and death. And he on the other hand, shows confidence, compassion and hope. This juxtaposition can be a leap of faith for some viewers. But someone like me would be in awe of its mode. That challenging mode is gripping. Just like any other project Patel has worked on. His tendency to care for the audience is what gets his film so entertaining and borderline chaotic. After interviewing Patel for this project, his behind the scenes anecdotes too resonates on screen. This shows his connection with his viewers. He communicates freely and the audience nods excitedly to his speech. Jivasha is simply a good script written right and a good film done right. If it has a big question at the beginning, it then has a bigger answer at the end. Between that, Patel is just messing with your head. He is having fun. Hoping that, you would as well.

Posted by:Arth

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