The antithesis is the way in and the way out. What you get in the middle- and you get a lot!- is all extra cheese. Enjoy the meal.

The director D. J. Remark is definitely aware of the script. Or Jason Orr, the screenwriter was aware of it, from day one. I am going to go with the latter one. Either way, what this does to this short film is that it shows confidence and familiarity to its peak. Say you have an “x” route to go towards the end of the line, the climax, the final act of the film. What these makers have done is pull out the “4th” route to reach the final verdict. And it is only possible to bend and revisit your storyline when you’re through and through with the trajectory of the film. As a result, the shocks don’t naturally come when they’re trying to scare you (P.S. they’re not actually trying to scare you in all of the gags, since even the protagonist is aware of the symptoms and understands the position she is in. Now this idea could have collapsed within a few seconds if the mystery of the plot didn’t come knocking at your door. A meta P.S. talk to the person who comes knocking at your door, no matter what- be good, just like she and her work is), but when they’re zooming the lens out, for us to see the bigger picture. Good Works is an ambitious horror project that comes together when you start realising how much did the makers account in, about our, the audience’s reactions and assumptions. And it feeds and gloats on how wrong you were. And there is no better feeling than proven wrong and amazed while watching a film.

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