Christmas. Family. Tear jerking storyline. Christmas. Fast paced narration. Loveable characters. And Christmas. What’s not to love!

The director Gillian Armstrong’s version of Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women is probably the closest edition that I could find. Now, though I am not aware of the other versions, I could still stand behind that statement. Since, it is “closest” as in it is exactly the same as I would have imagined. For when I read the book, the two things that I took away was what the entire film brimming of. The first is Christmas. A goody-good family and their generous gifts and big beautiful sweaters wrapped around each other like a welcoming hug. You cannot not fall for those moments. The second is time. The time runs fast in the film. Even faster than the narration. If you’re looking for a character arc, you won’t have to wait for an hour to reach the end of the line. It is waiting for you just by the next corner. At times, those scenes are adjacent to each other. And the film beautifully skips by different periods of the lives of these little women. Something that the book does effortlessly and I hope to achieve in similarly structured films. Even in this particular one. I thought of voice over narration to help me. But they did something more. Something beautiful. Every now and then they use props to convey the passed time. In the form of various elements they pop in nonchalantly and informs with delightful message. One of my favourite is in the form of a pear. A fruit, literally, blossomed out of hard work and pure talent. It takes time (as it signifies it’s passing) for it to ripen just as it does with our lead character, Josephine March.

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