There is nothing necessary about the existence of Where’d You Go Bernadette? And still here we are and there it is. Surprisingly, it qualifies!

The co-writer and director, Richard Linklater has surprised me the most with this controversial project. I know that this is not the project through which you should be amazed of his excellence. Now there are two sides of this argument. One is that all of it, is real. The film really works. Because of strong performances, of course. Somehow, the entire cast peels a soul of themselves onto screen and you have to bow down to their talent. Regardless of the poor and often questionable decisions in both writing and direction. The other side of it, is that it may have been situational for me. Since I saw it  mid-air, the conditions vary greatly. Now, this was my first and only experience. So people confessing about being, easily manipulative and sensitive, emotionally while watching a film in mid-air, it makes me question now, whether it would have had the same effect on me as it did then. I am going to give the benefit of the doubt to the film for not Cate Blanchett’s amazing performance but Billy Crudup’s silent-heroic like support that made me melt down like a child. Billy, to be honest, is backed up by an incredibly strong character in the film. He falls under the section of the dramatic book or the film where the author carves a three dimensional argument for each character and hammers it up for durability. To make it stand against our pragmatic views. Something that is not a surprise but a wondrous nature of the unsung hero wandering in your house, at night, insecured and overprotected about you, as you sleep soundly. Your father.

Posted by:Arth

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