What a start! Deliberately patient and hyperly active in its raw sharp instincts. No more smash, thud, ka-pow.

The director Doug Liman is an acute adaptor. And it is so profoundly calculative that it feels obtuse, Obtuse, as in, he might as well be focusing on the time period we spent on turning the pages while reading this book. That is obligatory. We are part of it. We feel that. Something we have to do, something that makes us feel that we are part of it. Helping it push the boundaries, the stories, the characters. It feels so little and so distant. That part is what our protagonist calls or more accurately subconsciously lives and breathes for. Doug is grounding the so called slickness of the job through these aspects. He is breathing in those moments. Bringing alive the dullest part of the day. Lucky for him that the job is entertaining for the audience. So those crossing of the road, sleepless naps on the bench and the formal paperwork and the cycle of responsibilities of that very job are now educational. Enlightening. Sensible. Acute. As far as performance is concerned, I’d like to think that Matt Damon is showcasing his talent at its finest in this chapter compared to the other ones. The reason being, Damon understands not only the story and the character, but also the position, situation that he is in, as an actor, while filming this film. Not only is it arguably his first big action film but also for the character, Jason Bourne it is all new. Wiped out and now starting from zero. The rawness in his physical language is adapted straight out by Damon and what is in front of you is.. Jason Bourne. You have to accept it. And trust me, there won’t be any follow up questions.

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