Following follows the first three season.

Pizzolatto’s crime drama clearly leans on offering an engaging drama rather than a gripping case. It has always been a bit spiritual than it has to be technical. And this is what makes the series stand out among various such true story crime investigations. Another thing that the makers works on majorly, are its layered dialogues and mature conversations, since there is often very little development on the case in each step- in order to convey the practicality and test the patience of the viewers as the characters did- the writers gets to stretch the muscles on the bonding of the characters. And deriving various equations between them, this character driven series speaks more on the existence of a being and the nature of oneself in the society. The series has a few signature scenes like a deep philosophical conversation in a car, recording the testimony and an edgy love track. It takes real cases and creates a non-linear cinematic structure and more than often in order to do so, the detailing that goes behind setting up these characters in that world gives it a more attractive look. From creating the era that the tale revolves around to setting up the art design or set accordingly, the narration too gets more referential of the pop-culture or political controversy that was buzzed around that period which immensely helps the writers to jump on the train for a smooth flow. Unlike any other juicy criminal case, it barely directs its guns towards the who-done-it case, if anything its uncertainty and vagueness, makes you go off track from the case and easily dive on the ideologies of the characters. This slow pill drama is the most meticulous a crime genre has ever ever been, a home run from Pizzolatto’s point of view, since his vision, of projecting the real behind the stage sweat and blood inducing work that goes by in a case, is jaggedly on mark.

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