The second round is so not the first one. And THAT IS IT. The only common denominator is the lively bickering between Johnson and Hart.

The co-writer and director, Jake Kasdan updates this new game with few changes. Now as far as those changes are an improvement, we are hooked into this game. To be fair, it mostly is. The only missing puzzle is Jack Black’s contribution to this group. That is not to say, he doesn’t embraces all the jokes directed at him- by him, I mean Jack Black and not the character he portrays. It’s just that he isn’t given enough substance and the style that he carries is all him, all performance. Coming back to that ongoing gag in the film; like many films, if we consider the filmography of Dwayne Johnson, you’d think that them body shaming themselves and each other would get rusty. And I could see a point when it was coming. It was in the beginning of this film. What they, Johnson and Kevin Hart, have done is that they have secured this one joke of theirs through the afterthought of Danny Glover and Danny DeVito popping up in our head. It is character driven. It is surprisingly subtle and ahead of its audience. It presumes the premise, the expected joke, even two more one-liners beyond what you might be looking for, and then slams dunks it with a new crisp angle. The only issue of mine was the group in all together and the way they were shot. For instance, late in the film, you see the characters being anchored by their occurring conflicts. Now, for this long, back and forth misconception to meet, they should have let it all shoot, display it in one shot. In the sense that it required a wider shot where all the reactions, repartees, replies are tossed around. Maybe, then it would have been The Next Level.

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