George had pushed himself in the previous chapter. This seems like overstretching things. Now, does that pay off? Come on, that’s subjective. But, no.

I, or anyone for that matter, would be and should be austere towards the writer and director George Romero’s beloved zombie-defining trend-setting horror franchise. It comes with a lot of expectations. It should deliver considering the hype and momentum it carries. Now, unlike others I tend to not lean on the subject that is shown but rather the way it is shown. So for a satirical psychological horror thriller franchise as such, I will take the most remote-est storyline of this world. And I mean, break the genre, bend the rules, change the formula and isolate yourself as far as you can from the gold mine that I, we, George knows, should be a safer ground. In fact, make it everything listed before. This hotchpotch of ingredients should be the recipe. And though, George does not and may never combine these many risky factors, he is, I think, in his own way, breaking the established ground. What made these “dead” so infamously ruthless and grossly scary, he has tried to lop off that very subject matter. “He could be domesticated!” George, talking about one of the ghouls, pleads to his audience through a character and their slips the glass out of his hand. What made his formula so unique, is bashed with a hammer. The aim is good. He practised hard. But on that. Just that stroke. Another issue, is of course, the way the rest of the blank is filled, the time is spent. It is the same blood dripping, spraying all over, organs pouring out imageries that gets better as an achievement in technical procedure on how it works. Not in storytelling. That part is the same. Overcooked.

Posted by:Arth

you've got a bag of change and here are my thoughts..

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