Noah had me choked up for the entire runtime of his thundering masterpiece. This profound experience is so rare, that it has happened to me only once. In Marriage Story.

The writer and director, Noah Baumbach is spewing love. Not the usual way of expressing. But then, miscommunication is a major factor in this film. He is sugar-coating or bitter-coating a love story, by deconstructing, reverse-engineering a love story. Although that is what it seems at first. The film, above all, wonder me the most, is when it balances both sides of the coin. Every now and then, I think about what happened, why we are here, just as those characters do. It all makes sense and nothing fits despite the description, the definition. And still you don’t feel cheated. And Noah dodged that bullet so effortlessly that you- at certain points in the film, even when there is no particularly emotional hurdle to cross- melt with a cathartic smile and tears, in its simple wittiness. The film deliberately follows Adam Driver’s perspective. Now, that is a perfect choice, considering he “is walking on” something that he doesn’t fully understand, just like us, the audience. Hence, he comes off warm and even pitiful at times, more than he actually might be or should. For following Scarlett Johansson would have come off calculative rather than spontaneous. Not something that the film wants to put out. It is vulnerable phenomena to be in. And to experience it, you should be out of control. Desperation is what drives the greed. And greed, something you keep it off the table from Day 1, is what it will come to. Not materialistic but philosophical. You’d want to be how you think of yourself to be. And in these scenarios where you are highly conscious of your decisions and acts. Legacy (Henry, in their case) is what you hold on to or at least fight for, now that you are sober.

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