The arrogance, the miscommunication is horrifying. There is no deal, nothing on the table, no table at all. Everything is up for grabs and burns.

Among many filmmakers achieving their own various milestones in their first project, this one could be the ideal example, the milestone of that sub genre list- if there is any! The co-writer and director, George A. Romero has a poetic speech. Even rhyming, I would persist. Leaving all the evolutions of ghouls or zombies or whatnot aside, I would like to focus on the structure of the script. It is better if you understand the intentional poem behind all the scenarios in order to truly enjoy this could-arguably-be called popcorn flick. But there is much more than entertainment. Yes, you will get the occasional scare, the hair pulling annoyance to not be able to control and a classic game of pitting one chip against another. But this is one page poem. Written with a mirroring symmetry. It has a start and a finish. Something you won’t be able to differentiate. And all the elements in the script is brimming with this ingredient. The dialogues, the intentions, the faulty logistics, worn out philosophises and now even the political incorrectness, some might point out. If someone doesn’t get along they would start their equation through that very formula. And even end on it. Their salvation relies upon each other’s theories and so does damnation, but then there is arrogance in the air. This eye-for-actually-nothing world hungrily feeds on upright abusive nature. The drapes are off and the humility, sociality comes off shamelessly. The living is scarier than dead ever will be. For in this Night Of The Living Dead, your companions are not only dumb, cold, rancid species (just as you are) but also has a motif. Greedy motives. There always is. It is human to be. Not zombies.

Posted by:Arth

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