Jillian Bell works hard. Both as a character and for the character. And by hard, I mean, they mean, watch her go through this pound by pound.

For Paul Downs Colaizzo, the writer and director, this is an incredible achievement. Almost as if participating and winning the marathon. This is something he has done the first time and he is hitting all the right notes. And I am even going to call this one, a crowd pleaser. Now, not only doesn’t it just uses a concept that is common and often lightly taken. But even his take has a particular new spin, a new angle- even the cinematography helps a lot when it shoots those new ideas on screen and you see a completely odd frame suggesting the birth of that notion- that is meticulously charged. The camera work focuses, crops and sharpens those details, enhancing this familiar tale into a bright New York morning of social media world. It specifically focuses on a definite crowd and yet comes off for everyone. Now, that is definitely not for the diplomatic approach of it; for there are a couple of scenes that might suggest it. But it is the tendency of that graph to always, and mind you always, land on something you’d expect. From the montage sequences that rises up to the unnerving meltdowns that we all are looking forward to. Aforementioned, within these 100 minutes, the film touches all those sweet notes delicately on the floor. And by the time, Brittany Runs A Marathon, that floor, the track has been more of a habit, than a home. Not a habit you cannot push yourself away from but the ones you create consciously. Among many, many supporting characters, my favourite is her, Bell’s roommate, showcasing one of the most common and least represented groups of people in the movies, that we actually survive daily.

Posted by:Arth

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