Exactly like the poster suggests. A promise. A misunderstanding. And regret. Well placed, choreographed and jumbled piece of storytelling.

Michael Wong’s directorial debut is a gift wrapped in 9 minutes that periodically delivers to its promise. Sort of like the story itself. The story revolves around a couple in a modern era who thrives for those old style love stories that we rarely get to see nowadays. A boy gifts a coin wrapped in a brown paper to a girl every day that signifies as a part of the memory shared and cherished. And almost arguably challenges to win her over within 90 days of his planned journey. In terms of storyline, it is a gripping concept since it now enables you to look for the way how the makers are going to display how these promises come alive. The major asset of the screenplay is, of course, the montage sequences of these goofballs having the time of their life. Showcasing a highlight of “memorable” events, it is natural for you to be hooked into it till the end. The camera work that is also manually handled at times, helps you be present and alive among these troubled characters. The only issue that I find was the negative, the antagonistic element of the premise that is supposed to pull you back from this dreamy trance like scenario. Which could actually be argued as a recurring and common issue spiralling out in the so called “modern era”. This barely bothers you for a brief period since the theme of The Story Of 90 Coins is actually “a gesture” to its core. That pulpy romantic gesture has to and HAS TO put a smile on your face. And since all of this is a gesture, the ending makes more and more sense, for that ambiguity is poetic and leaves each individual viewer to their own nature, position and thinking.

Posted by:Arth

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