The film has an extremely tedious routine that it begs us to go through. All the amazing fireworks moments are just not amazing enough to distract us.

To call the director Gore Verbenski’s “adventurous” film an oddball is.. actually, perfect. You wouldn’t get more “out of the box” version of a textbook con-this-con-everything film. The script feels improvised in every sense. The storyline follows a familiar, expected, often dull structure and the elements spiraling out the treats of the film or the originality- if we can call it that- of the film through adding a punchline to that very scene. Every scene, in fact, is staged and written in a form that looks like it is trying to dodge an unmentioned bullet. And that bullet is not shot out from the gun The Mexican but their own version of police from the subconscious department that never allows them to state what is in front of them. The physical sequences along with the verbal too, then goes round and round, making a tomfoolery out of it- that by the way is the joke of it all, especially Brad Pitt’s character who as always is amazing in such sketchy roles- rather than confronting its fear. And when it finally accepts what it has to do, that it is time to be itself, completely, naked and upright. Those moments is what you will cherish. Fortunately, Julia Roberts and James Gandolfini have those moments in their pocket. Their eerie bonding and the nature of feeding on each others’ incompetence makes this drive safe and fruitful. Gandolfini shines from all corners commanding the screen like never before. You have got to have something special when you come out as the star from a project where Brad and Julia are at the helm of it all.

Posted by:Arth

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