Roberts is practically given a higher themed role that deserved better treatment and respect than it got.

The director P. J. Hogan and the writer Ronald Bass seem to have some sort of miscommunication. For the film feels different on paper and looks completely different on screen. It works for the most part of it and that is its only shield. But I am going to give the credit to the performance. And Julia Roberts is leading the pack. It is her humbling nature, her overconfidence and the mistakes between those moments that makes her vulnerable and desperate. Carrying these many baggages, especially the desperation factor of her character that could easily resonate with the audience and this is not something that is going to help, Roberts is still charming.

She owns the goofiness like no one and what you get is basically a one man show put up with determination but ease. And the first half is basically just that. Just her making wrong decision, throwing herself out, fighting and not regretting it at all. And that is why it remains light footed, entertaining and attractive. And then there is this conversation between Roberts and Dermot Mulroney in a stadium where they stand and reminisce about their relationship.

Now Mulroney is speaking in that scene but the camera is focusing on Roberts and how she deals with these arrays of emotion where she is flattered and scared and goofy and intentionally enticing yet sinister and drunk on her evil one dimensional plans. She covers up the screen and takes over each character just as she has in this article of mine. But you shouldn’t complain. Roberts is one of those rare actors that fluently embodies a physically comic role and dives entirely into the absurdity of what it demands. My Best Friend’s Wedding has everything that shouldn’t work. From a compromising marriage to maid of honor that is rooting for something else. But hey, the food is good.

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