Neither Godfather nor Sopranos, it is more like a soap opera episode with a staggering twist.

The director Bob Giraldi’s last film goes back to the beginning of this 21st century, almost two decades ago. And I say last film, because after that he hasn’t made any, which is kind of unusual in show business especially after adding to that fact is that, this is an amazing film. Simply brilliant. Thrilling. And also charming. Where did they get the room to fill that in. And where all these flavours were supposed to overpower each other making it a muddy hotchpotch of failed attempts, the film is crystal clear when it shifts from one table to another. You don’t see that coherence, that confident in storyteller’s language.

For frankly, that is the only achievement in the film that makes it apart from other crime dramas. For underneath all the dressing, it’s a gossip town is what it is. That’s what lightens up this night. The entire film has to and does run on simply conversations shared by these people trying to have a good time. In return we get some of the best bar games, flirt talks, gossip columns, cut throat politics, jealous exes, fed up customers and work affairs.

All these things are shot left and right and never sets together for one goal in one direction. And maybe that’s why this runny dish- I know it’s not fair that just because the film has a restaurant in it so I just use the metaphors revolving around it- is all over the place and still the most ordered item in this rich formal place. Dinner Rush is perfectly titled. It has people having dinner in it. And they are in a rush. Dinner will always speak to you, rush was the difficult part and they have got that objective checked with a smile on their faces.

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