I see Pinkman in Paul who is armed with moving performance and Snape in Rickman as always gloating but this time without the half-smirk on his face.

The director Gavin Hood has been lucky. And I don’t want to be that guy that says that the day is over as soon as you land a project. It goes without saying that he works incredibly hard and hence is successful in his well established rhythm. I say only lucky or even well suited for a job as such, because I have experienced his big budget blockbuster films that may have not worked but definitely has dared to go big and made a splash around the town. And this is actually a great combination. Usually, these big banner films like say.. Marvel, choose their storytellers wisely and mostly the ones who have excelled in making Indie films and romanticize, dramatize and glorify tiny aspects, relationships, characters and essential elements.

Which makes sense on hiring such makers since the fireworks of visual effects will always be dazzling for the audience, the only think they require now is someone making them care for the characters. But lately I have seen a couple of examples where they have flipped the coin of such themed ideas. And that is that now these Indie films gets sponsored if some commercial filmmaker chooses to tell the story of such importance both politically and socially.

So now the tactics that these makers are inherited with and that is to keep the audience at the edge of their seats, comes in handy and makes the formal paperworks interesting and juicy. Eye In The Sky remains gripping through this effective formula. You see direction and editing go hand in hand just to make you give the chills of a chase scene by staying in one room among the same characters and the same objectives. That last part, the objective, that endorses the film in every language.

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