It is exactly like the title suggests, it is sweet and every one is going to like it.

I don’t use this word. I don’t like to. But the film is “cute”. Sweet. The writer and director Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz is frankly out on about with an ice cream truck gifting us free multi flavoured ice cream. The only job that they then have is to make sure we like this flavoured ice cream and also not are lactose intolerant. I am going to be honest. I don’t like the flavour. Especially not the way it looks. This freestyle beach life or sea life is something that I don’t get ever attracted to but then with such substantial if not stylish film is served, you cannot keep yourself away from the dish.

There is also the completeness in the script. As in, it follows the perfect script formula where every element, every scene, every piece of information leads to something. And it has every right to get, give, wherever, whatever it wants. It would then barely be disappointing for the viewers. As it never is. But there is this one other final update on this stereotypical script. And that climax is if not satisfying, is definitely mature and mind clearing to me.

The performance on the other hand also walks by smoothly just as the film does. There is nothing extraordinary, nothing special and nothing new to put a red ribbon on what it has to say. Still The Peanut Butter Falcon is the only one you would root for, bet on. And it is because the other contestants aren’t good enough and he is a real people pleaser. He doesn’t seek attention and that’s why you would be attentive, intrigued towards him. There is also this bizarrely genius formula that it repetitively uses and it is that it goes to enormous extent to just push the characters for another step.

Posted by:Arth

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