Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones have an impeccable on screen chemistry, I mean they carried the whole movie guys.

The co-writer and director Tom Harper, as I have always mentioned, believes in the authenticity of those old style filmmaking techniques. He knew they worked. He applies them here. And it works. Simple as that. You can find this thing printed at the background of all his films and playing “safe” never looked more approachable. And people are happy with it. Not me, though. And not because he doesn’t take any risks or doesn’t offer anything new to the table. It is just that knowingly that it all would work, it should work. For me, this is where the film falls short.

Especially when you see the background score taking over the film and you are told to be moved by the emotional impact that has lead the characters here. None of those suggestive posters, ideas, themes, tones, performances strikes with those bolts of lightning as they imagine it would. After a non-linear narrative, bold statements, trippy cinematography, provocative backstories, the final result, the last reaction you have as you leave the screen is.. meh.

You are not insulted by what obvious things it had to say but you are also not floating wondrously mid-air. If anything you are left hanging. In the middle of this era that takes aspiration for granted and where fraudulence is generalized or scaled in contrast with. And the judgement was not just the final verdict- also the first, ironically- that you were worried about. There was also this attentive peepers wishing for you to fail on your promises. And that is the only reason why I agree with the final act. Where there was conflict in me, on where and how should it end, the simple narrative arc made more sense than any other tricks and turns would have. The Aeronauts in those final moments saves the day on just not becoming “that”.

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