The chemistry is hilarious, if not emotionally empowering as it think it does and that’s probably the unsung rule.

Ruben Fleischer, the director’s return to this infamous, beloved land is just as it was supposed to go in the previous adventure. Mediocre. But unfortunately, they couldn’t. So they waited for almost a decade and attempted to swing by and satisfy their needs. Joking aside, the film is successfully joyous on being light footed and entertaining. Despite having no particular moving moments for me, I call this a success as it would definitely not be rolled under that cliched list of films that were ruined by the makers that wanted to grab the money from the box office rather than the whisperings.

That is its biggest achievement. And only. It somehow manages to dodge every expected textbook issues a film with this caliber and in this position gets shot with. And mind you these fired bullets are not by someone else but us, the fans, itself. We are the ones that wants to see through the hokum of film’s existence. At the back of our heads, the fear gives birth to the overprotected ideas that we have towards the characters. We want to call out the absurdity of the plot.

And in order to not give us the satisfaction on calling out their bluffs, what the writers have done wittily is not let you leave the company of these four good companions. So even when in Zombieland: Double Tap new characters are introduced, the film never leaves perception of these four familiar faces. When some valley girl barges in, then Emma Stone becomes the audience and takes charge of the show and when two hunters are to be introduced, the mirroring gag takes place. And while one musician is always been talked about what Woody Harrelson and Rosario Dawson talks about is not each other but their fascination over the king, Elvis Presley.

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