Julie and Anne are pals, buddy, chums, sista-s, girlfriends. They wanted me to say that, so I thought I mention it.

I wish the director Garry Marshall’s film was something that I could recommend to someone. It is a classic Disney film. In the sense that it could not reek more of stereotypical characters that has made it what it is. From the goofiness to the walking emotional therapy it possesses. Each element of the film is familiar, likeable and pathetically outdated. And I say that considering the fact that it came around almost two decades ago. The script repetitively bumps into montage sequences that is supposed to delight us with various gags. Now these comic sketches has to be and does make us drool over these characters.

But the film suffers, sacrifices its integrity or more accurately its consistency in order to serve the purpose of having a firm grip over its audience. It has that. I will give that to it. But after I was halfway through the film, it hit me suddenly that it wasn’t their fault- actually, it was. The makers never actually had anything substantial to say in this film. Naturally, then, they would surf around with known, cliched scenarios trying to pass the time. Why does it have to pass the time? Because it has to carry the emotional weight at those final moments.

And it could only be achieved after making us stay, follow, drive around these characters for almost two hours in order to get us attached to these royal beings. Anne Hathway’s first role couldn’t have been better than this. Not only does it capture her goofy hard working personality but also makes her “first time” counts. Helping her lose the virginity is none other than Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) guiding her and us into the royal-esque world. You won’t learn anything that you already didn’t know, but it is certainly fun to ride along with her and wave by.

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