Loud colours. Cheap insulting jokes. Cheesy set. Cartoonish production and costume designing. And one of my favourite love stories.

This could be my favourite outing that resides in the director Peyton Reed’s world or filmography. And mind you Peyton Reed gave us Marvel’s light hearted superhero and still this film remains to be the one that feels “out of this world”. It is one of those films that will stay with you for weeks. Popping on your hand like some jewellery piece that you saw by the window and can’t wait to buy. It grabs you by your collar and rattles your body like a puppet until you fall merrily to the set rules by the maker. The film feels extremely simple and it goes to tremendous lengths to prove its simplicity.

And how binary can it make your life. And even while doing so, even while weaving out various complicated theories and set pieces, it never gets difficult to swallow. “Don’t close your eyes” is what’s order around Ewan McGregor playing a powerful name in the city and “Open your eyes” is what’s whispered around Renee Zellweger who’s humility is catching on fire. This balance of two different worlds is euphorically attractive. You cannot not love the way these guys talk.

The conversations are incredibly funny and wrong. Deliberately wrong. It is important you figure that out quickly. You should be aware of the kind of jokes that cheers up the makers. And it is not the properties, characteristics of the characters nor the situational humor that fits in on the narration. Things should rhyme and remain symmetric, no matter what the circumstances are. Now this is the subtexted ongoing joke in the film. You better get ready to follow this system or this is going to be a bad day for you. Down With Love never goes down, actually. You’d think that it would be a disadvantage. You are wrong.

Posted by:Arth

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