Liam Neeson, for once, is not hunting nor surviving alone. I like this team spirit.

I think I could presume Joe Carnahan, the director and the adapter of the novel “Ghost Walker”, smirking over his intentions on making this film. Now, this is something that carried me through this film even at tough times. And believe me there were plenty of troubling times in the film. But more on that later. Let’s just stick to the elephant in the room. The bigger picture. And that is that the film is not about the heroes. But those supporting them. It is a story about someone else, if considering and it is speaking about, say.. the one. And in the lead is Liam Neeson. Being, the one.

And it is his performance that tells us it is not about him. He has been telling you since day one. It’s just that you realize it later. And maybe that’s why his performance starts fitting in on this hostile environment as we start aging around him. In those last moments, Neeson provides us enough reasons to fall under his shade. Comforting is our response in a not-so-comforting state. The film is a complete film in that confrontation. But it comes with a baggage.

And the baggage being that that friendliness is only established if you are speculative and even to a certain extent repellent with the ideas thrown at our face at the beginning. Another repetitive issue we come across is the reach of Joe’s film. You see him reaching over for something and he gets hold of it firmly. The only issue is that we can see through our naked eyes, that he could have gone a bit further without any strain and yet he resists or ignores. The Grey has that gray area between our imagination and its answers, which often is interpreted by us as incompetency.

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