In this suspicious blame game, emotions have no part. They don’t have any say. And you know what I liked that this time.

And we are back. This was not intentional, trust me. And also this time it is not the writer but the director who has got a hold of me, now. Although if you would rummage around my recent catalogue, you’d find Liam Neeson reigning in my mind. So, the director. Jaume Collet-Serra. I think I am getting to know the taste of his films now. They aren’t pretentious. I’ll give him that. They come in with one agenda. And they make sure you have that badge worn, if not endorsed by you, after you leave the screen. And that is that it is entertaining. It is one gripping ride.

This mid-air hijack suspense thriller is a smooth ride. Just like the plane. I know it doesn’t sound like one. But trust me. It is smarter, intuitive and a charming adventure. At the heart of it, is Liam Neeson. And around him is a big plane, that might look like small. And in that smallness, not just physically but also philosophically, your film is safe and sensible. The compactness is intentionally buoyant and never gets too much for you to handle.

It is not there to suffocate you but to allow you to bounce off within those confined walls or more accurately characters, and feed off of them merrily. There is no other joy in the film, in any film, then to be teased or provoked by the storytelling and let your imagination wander and fill the empty space in your mind with powerful theories. And I think for that matter only, Non-Stop was criticized majorly for its final act. A definite answer, no matter how magnanimous, could never replace the towering vision of an individual’s mind. Preferably for thoughts aren’t bogged down with responsibilities, but the film is, the character was, Liam was.

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