No technical aspects, no major aspects are helping My Cousin Rachel. Why?

The writer and director Roger Michell’s adaptation of the ironical cynicism is not the joke that they were looking for. That we are looking for. That the author of the novel looked for. Every breath of the film wants to be witty in its tone and sharply confident in its language. The ironic taste in the story then comes alive in the film when the film doesn’t feel at all like it should have. Intention is one thing and interpretation, another. The film hangs around between these two phenomenons trying to defy the logistics placed by themselves.

Remember, irony is what’s needed and what’s going to work. Contradiction is a sign of failure. Yet, with all the hokum we see nowadays in cinema, I’d be happy to take this mistake. And it is because at least it aspires to be considered among those elite group. And so what if it is found at the bottom of the list. The attempt is admirable. And also they have got the incredible casting for this period set piece. Rachel Weisz playing the title role is every reason to not speculate her intentions.

I don’t think I’d have bought anyone else’s sweetness or friendly nature if it was not for Rachel’s body language. My Cousin Rachel has everything misplaced in an ordered world. Or at least a world that seeks and requires order. Correction is a latter argument that we are going to be tangled in, the first and foremost is privacy and rights. Earning those things is Rachel vividly expressing her vague plans. She has to hesitate and deliberately make mistakes, she has got that part figured lickety split. The supporting character is where the film grows weak especially when it is supporting to an extent that it is almost a parallel role.

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