We are letting it go a lot and in return we occasionally get a few morbid chuckles to survive.

The director Mike Mitchell grabs a teenage superhero flick like a fascinating idea. Don’t get me wrong, it is. The metaphors are sugar coated or more precisely cloaked or masked in a way to gather the crowd lickety split. But let’s be honest. You need someone like Edgar Wright to stay true to the tone of the insanity of the genre. What Wright did in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, is simply untouchable. The zip in his language is still untouched. And malleability, that never gives the audience room enough to be shocked or be distant with the imageries, is to be inspired from.

Which by now, you can guess that this is what I had a problem with. With this film. The film’s first half is incredibly transparent. And the second half exactly as we could see through, in the first. So why does it still hold on to you. It is not the good old sleazy one liners. It is not the endorsement of its concept. It is definitely not the “I will not be that kind of a film” attitude. It is actually daring to go where one would never go. Wise ones. And that is to still rely upon those denials.

There is nothing wrong with crafting a film just to shock the viewers. Just not to give them what they get, what they expect. You can shape it however you like. The only issue, then, is with the antics that they are stepping upon. You can distract the viewers, but don’t expect the distraction to be the spine of the narration. Dodging answers is not an answer. Dodging is making a choice. And choices are the worst aspect of the film. From the visual effects department to flawed characters and questionable premises they and the school and this entire world is set upon.

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