A horse riding race is fast, gripping, scary and roaringly fun, the film is nothing like it.

The director Randall Wallace’s film is an annoying wanna-be milestone that has no stone whatsoever to topple your perspective. Stone, as in gravitas. Weight. Everything is lofty. In a bad manner. All is for grabs and all is for attention. There is very little character insight, depth that attracts you. It is basically a bad campaign. Rung just because there is time to. Just because elections are coming. There is no particular reason for it to stand and lead us. Its subtexted excuse is the existence of itself. There is no reasoning beyond that idea. And you’d be annoyed by that. The characters are incredibly thin and one dimensional.

The bad guy comes with a maniacal laughter in their poster. And the good ones with a sickening sweetness. This polarization is off putting. So when the film is collapsing this much vigorously. You turn blind. You are constantly looking for a shoulder to cry upon. And that is when I turned to the genre. There is sports in it. It made me feel safe. I was wrong. For in a usual sports genre you can expect the textbook thrills of competitive games shot beautifully with breathtaking visuals and editing.

What we get here is a slow one sided game. There is no one to root for. Even the choreography, the characteristics, the rules of the games are numbed. To be honest, there aren’t any. Secretariat takes a lot of beating. From script to direction. But it is not just the film or us that is bogged down to a finitely small thinking. But the actors too. The performance as well is a victim of this disease. Despite possessing a cast like Diane Lane and John Malkovich, we get a pretty bad deal when it comes to what we invest, expect.

Posted by:Arth

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