The climb is high. High on everything. Overstuffed yet empty. There is no difference in rattling or shivering.

The director Baltasar Kormakur is not to be blamed. Well, a little. But he shouldn’t carry the load, no matter what his title in the film says. So is it the script? Yes and maybe no. How about we give it the equal parts blame as we did to the direction. So is it performance? Not actually, but also maybe. Crowd the maybe list, the blame list more and more. But there is something that I loved about the film. And it is Josh Brolin. His performance is what surprisingly delights us. But I don’t even want to focus on that. My eye is on his character. A sensational three dimensionally complex character.

The crowd pleaser and yet not fully adaptable. Brolin puts the right amount of spiciness in the vanilla personality that his character is. And I think it is to do with how suspiciously he invades the screen. And what better way to analyse that then to take the introduction of his character itself. In the first act he arrives interrupting someone, something with a friendly attitude. He jokes around by taunting others and cheers up the environment.

He is the first one to shake your hand and loses his temper in a snap that could be argued that it is not completely uncalled for. Understandable but definitely not something as an audience you look for in your rooting character. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. His character oscillates beautifully like this, it’s just that you have to look closely. Everest on the entirety is a mess. It is not mapped out, it is not meant to be climbed upon. If not, then it certainly makes a good case for it. It looks beautiful if that helps, from afar. Less dangerous. Less substantial.

Posted by:Arth

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