Who’d have thought that the background score would be the actual hero. I love the entire look of it.

M. Night Shyamalan, the writer and director’s film is a joy to behold. Filmed through a documentary lens, Shyamalan’s to-the-point direction is actually beneficial this time. Some would and does argue to those plot points that grows loud and cheesy which weighs down the film to ever soar perpetually. And yes, there are those moments in the film that comes easily and repetitively. But what Shyamalan does so brilliantly is that he frames it as the part of a “cinematic experience”. There is a film within the film that is every now and then mentioned to keep the viewers alive and confident.

And mind you there is no one as confident as Shyamalan on convincing you to be confident yourself. Just watch the last act of Glass enfolding before your eyes. Any other filmmaker would flinch on taking away the heat from their own script by basically showcasing the “awkwardness” of a film shoot in the film. Somehow he frames that as a narrative now whether it works or not that’s a different day, but it definitely is a bold and confident choice.

Now coming back to those textbook set pieces. There isn’t actual ever a note that gives away the fact that he isn’t aware of his viewers’ expectations. He knows you are in a Shyamalan world. He built it. The reputation and the films. Hence, he frames it as an expected destination. You know that they are going to wait for the arrival of that know station. The Visit is that visit for me. And you know what, you know a film is working when you are so immersed in whatever images shown in front of us, that you forget where you’re headed. And on that note it is also a wrong knock on the door.

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