The accepted incompetency and the limitations and (then) the boldness of these men, is familiar and hilarious.

Allen’s speech is an impeccable weapon. He is the destroyer of a self-created genre. The writer and director Woody Allen, don’t forget, is also the creator. This God like person that he carries off himself, in the entire runtime of his films; which is mostly short and crisply edited, is something everyone would envy. And it is the commanding signature vocab of his, that he spreads, injects in each and every character. Now this is sort of insanely risky. You are, as a rule, told to give each character a different voice. And here we are decades and one of the most successful careers of all time later. Allen’s gift of witty humor is not a joke.

He balances the drama and humor like a champ. And this is something that previously and even now, so many have tried to achieve, but only few can get the reactions as anticipated. So how does he do that? And why can’t anyone else cross that bridge as effortlessly and frequently as he does? Well, it is simple. At the back of his head, he is always aware of the theme that underlines the entire scenario, the entire film.

And now all the jokes or elaborated sketches that are about to come will serve that purpose bits by bits. And this gradual procedure goes unnoticed for you are busy having the time of your life. You can see the grin on his face, when he jam-packs this much content in that aforementioned runtime. The result is a fast paced narration that looks like a hack job and instead is a fully functioning craftsmanship that can only be achieved by someone who is nominated for 24 Oscars. Hannah And Her Sisters might be about them, but just as any other Woody character or film, all I see his hypochondriac face.

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