After all the theories my head was bobbing with, I should have instead squeaked the toy.

So Rod Lurie, the writer and director’s film would be highly recommended in my house. The hints of courtroom drama that it delivers is not the only reason. But the existence of such an unsettling climax sketched after a promising premise. So what made this ending of the film frowned upon by others. First of all, one shouldn’t look at a story as a call to your own history. Or your expectations. An ending has never made me reevaluate what I have thought of that film. Yes, I could be disappointed. But not in the ending. For usually that is what is in one’s mind. You choose a destination and then you start learning how to drive. What would make me question is the road that leads to that station.

Why would a storyteller choose a road that would be bumpy and unsettling and even tiring at the end of the trip. Now what Lurie did isn’t particularly wrong. Off track? Misleading? Sure. But you can always see in the film that Lurie is repeatedly failing on attempting any sense of sensibility out of that situation. And I don’t mean that deliberate plot points that are placed to provoke your thoughts. But the theme it wishes to get out from those scenes.

There is no equality. No rhythm. None whatsoever similarity. You find yourself shifting, changing positions, perspectives to find a way out. But what it does do well and what Lurie should have stuck with, is that strong grip that these characters have on the audience. So instead of looking for a way out through a mature ending, he should have craft it into a commercial thriller. With juicy twists and turns, Nothing But The Truth could have been nothing but a sharp and satisfying case.

Posted by:Arth

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